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Former WorldCom Exec Gets Prison

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David Myers

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Securities and Exchange Commission

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WorldCom Ethical Scandal In the late ’s, WorldCom was a successful company and leader in the telecommunications world. They had merged with MCI and the company was regarded for being innovative and growth hungry.

David Myers

David Myers, Worldcom; David Myers, Worldcom. Words Sep 7th, 8 Pages. Introduction WorldCom was America 's second largest telecom company in (The WorldCom Accounting Scandal, ).

WorldCom Ex-Controller Myers Gets Year-and-a-Day Jail Term

Making a modest beginning in the hinterland of Mississippi in with a meager capital of less thanUSD it reached the. David Myers, WorldCom's former controller, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for his role in the company's accounting fraud. Q1. Does the fact that David Myers’s superior, Scott Sullivan, asked him to make the false accounting entries in WorldCom’s accounting records diminish Myers’ responsibility for his improper conduct?

WorldCom's ex-controller, David Myers, is expected to plead guilty to two felony counts over his role in the telecom firm's mounting accounting scandal. The plea could be crucial to the case. David Myers, WorldCom's former controller, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for his role in the company's accounting fraud.

Former WorldCom Exec Gets Prison David myers worldcom
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