Famous science fiction writers

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The Greatest Science Fiction Quotes Of All Time

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Top 10 Most Influential Science Fiction Writers

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Famous American Science Fiction Writers

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List of best-selling fiction authors

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Religious affiliation of the 50+ most famous Science Fiction/Fantasy authors. The seminal science magazine OMNI was known for many things: its futurist articles, stunning artwork and famous fiction. Some of science fiction's greatest writers were published in OMNI's pages, including Stephen King, Arthur C.

Clark, Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. leGuin, William Gibson, Orson. Science fiction writers are considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and creative classes of writers in the modern literary world.

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Science fiction writing demands a great deal of creativity and imagination as it is a form of fiction that draws imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in its plot, setting or theme. 98 rows · This is a list of best-selling fiction authors to date, in any language.

While finding precise. The best science-fiction writers are among some of the most creative writers ever.

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Instead of only making up a story, they make up entire universes, time dimensions, alien technologies -. This is a list of best-selling fiction authors to date, in any language.

While finding precise sales numbers for any given author is near-impossible, the list is based on approximate numbers provided or repeated by reliable sources.

Horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy: 91 American Nora Roberts: million: million: English.

Famous science fiction writers
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Famous American Science Fiction Writers