Indian value system change

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Essay on Religion: It’s Kinds and Impact on Indian Society | Religion

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The education system needs serious reforms

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1. Indian system of numeration. In the Indian system of numeration, starting from the right, the first period is ones, consisting of three place values (ones, tens, and hundreds).The next period is thousands, consisting of two place values (thousands and ten thousands).The third period from the right is lakhs, consisting of two place values (lakhs and ten lakhs), and then crores and so on.

Now, westernization is also a change that has taken place in Indian society to have major extent. Westernization follows the adoption of the different life styles, cultural ways, working styles, organizing styles and even the behavioral pattern of the western countries particularly.

Indian Value System Ancient Indian philosophers did not neglect the social, the economic, and the emotional aspects of life.

Hindu-Arabic numerals

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Historical Background

We will post the status of the resolution on this issue as soon as it is available. NEW DELHI: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has pitched for changes in the Constitution and jurisprudence in line with the value systems of the country, a stance which is sure to invite brickbats from the.

Indian value system change
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Bird's eye view: The Indian Value System - Need for Change?