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Philip Ball

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The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens

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- Twitter Headers. Find Headers For Twitter Here! HOME; All; Abstract; Cars; People; Scenery; Request a Twitter Header. Footie-mad teachers have produced a hilarious video of them showing off their ball skills around a school in support of England's World Cup heroes. Hilarious footage shows everyone from the PE.

China’s great leap forward in science by Philip Ball. Main image: A link is established between the satellite Micius and a ground station in Xinglong Province, China.

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Share on Twitter. A Twitter pitch consists of a concise hook to trick entice people to read your book.

How to Win a Twitter Pitch Contest

It’s accompanied by a #hashtag specific to each particular pitch event–examples include #pitmad, #pitchmas, and #pbpitch.

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Beyond Weird

The dancer, 56, gushed she was 'over the moon' after being chosen to take over from the legendary Len Goodman as head judge on the beloved BBC show - when it returns to screens this September.

Philip ball science writer twitter headers
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Beyond Weird by Philip Ball