Science stuff about refraction

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Shadows & Light

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Physics and Physical Science Teacher Supplies - The Cool Stuff your students love! Refraction is amazingly useful. If you wear eyeglasses, you probably know that the lenses they contain are curved-shape pieces of glass or plastic that bend (refract) the light from the things you're looking at.

Bending the light makes it seem to come from nearer or further away (depending on the type of lenses you have), which corrects the problem.


Science Projects for Kids: Reflection and Refraction

It has excellent resistance to sea water and is used for propeller shafts, rigging, and other parts of ships exposed to salt water. A titanium anode coated with platinum provides cathodic protection from corrosion by salt water. Prisms - In Prisms, learn how to break pure light into a rainbow of many colors by using a simple prism.

Get started with this fun and fascinating activity.

Science stuff about refraction
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