The 5 most influential people in american history

Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time

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Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century

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5 most influential people in american history

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Who are the most influential figures in American history? We asked 10 eminent result, collected here, is The Atlantic’s picks.(More on America’s most influential filmmakers.

Jul 25,  · The Most Influential People American Voices The Breakdown Finding Home The Influencers This entry is excerpted from the new TIME book The Most Influential People of All Time, which profiles spiritual icons, leaders, explorers, visionaries and cultural titans throughout human history.

Available wherever books. American history is a never-ending portal of knowledge that includes some of the most influential people who are best known in the world.

From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and from Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, these people have marked history in the most special way. The institutions on this list make up the 50 most influential think tanks in the United States as gauged by their ability to market their ideas on the web!

The 5 most influential people in american history
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