Transpersonal caring science theory

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The seven assumptions

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Dr. Watson's Caring Theory

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The Philosophy and Science of Caring addresses how nurses express care to their patients. Caring is central to nursing practice, and promotes health better than a simple medical cure.

Watson believes that a holistic approach to health care is central to the practice of caring in nursing. Jean Watson, nursing’s living legend, began the development of the Theory of Human Caring/Caring Science over 35 years ago; since that time, the theory has evolved, and yet the concept of the creation of a transpersonal caring-healing moment remains as central to the core of both understanding and enacting the theory in nursing practice.

Jean Watson‘s “Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring” mainly concerns on how nurses care for their patients, and how that caring progresses into better plans to promote health and wellness, prevent illness and restore health.

Transpersonal caring calls for an authenticity of being and becoming, an ability to be present to self and other in a reflective frame; the transpersonal nurse has the ability to center consciousness and intentionality on caring, healing, and wholeness, rather than on disease, illness and pathology.

This practice test will help students from Karen George Michel's course, Nursing b, prepare for the final exam. The test focuses specifically on Jean Watson’s Transpersonal Caring Science Theory. The readings associated with this theory were included in the class 10 objectives.5/5.

Transpersonal caring science theory
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