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Trump cries 'treason' as senior official attacks president in anonymous NYT op-ed

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Natalie Angier

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NYT's Bari Weiss Cites Hoax Twitter Account To Criticize Liberals

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Twitter gumshoes are trying to figure out who penned the New York Times 'resistance' op-ed piece

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New York Times stands by new tech writer Sarah Jeong after racist tweets surface

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Culture Twitter Fake Followers The New York Times celebrities Famous people on social media—actors, models, athletes, influencers—like to brag about the size of their follower count.

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Natalie Angier (born February 16, in Bronx, New York City) is an American nonfiction writer and a science journalist for The New York Times. Apr 15,  · Journalists, gatekeeping, and social interaction on Twitter: Differences by beat and media type for newspaper and online news By Frank Russell This study examines how journalists interact with citizens, news sources, and other journalists on Twitter.

The study compares practices of journalists who cover different beats (public affairs, sports, business/technology) and who work for different. Hello, I’m a Seattle-based freelance writer and editor specializing in scientific, environmental, medical, and travel-related topics.

My work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times,, BBC Focus, Nature, Scientific American, and High Country News.

Twitter launched a new ad campaign today around New York City, placing colorful Twitter-themed signage in some of the city’s numerous subway stations.

Twitter new york times science writer
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